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Where can I find a 76116 Dentist?

Few things in life are as painful and unsettling as a persistent, painful toothache. An aching
tooth is nearly impossible to ignore, especially while eating or sleeping or simply trying to go
about your day. Even if the pain is not unbearable, soreness in the mouth can be a real problem
since the mouth and teeth are a source of so much activity. Luckily, if you’re faced with a dental
emergency or sudden, painful toothache that requires immediate treatment, our highly skilled
76116 dentist can provide the essential care you need.

76116 Dentist

You should contact your 76116 dentist right away if you suffer a sudden, painful toothache or if
you experience a traumatic dental injury or broken dental prosthetic. A toothache can be the
result of several things. It could be a cavity, or worse, an abscess. It might also be a cracked
tooth or a problem with a previous filling. Sometimes, the cause of a toothache may come from somewhere different than where pain is felt. But no matter what the underlying cause may be, chances are the first thing you want is some pain relief.

For these situations, diagnostic dental tests are particularly important in accurately detecting the problem. In order to do this Dr. Gross will perform a thorough examination to diagnose the cause of your symptoms and determine an appropriate course of care. Throughout your emergency visit, our team of professionals address any worry or anxiety you may experience, keeping you informed and at ease. With precise and gentle treatment, we provide much
needed relief and can help keep your teeth safe from any further damage.

Dr. Gross and his team provide personalized, state-of- the-art treatment when you need it the
most. Call us today to learn more about what to do in case of a dental emergency, or to
schedule an appointment with your 76116 dentist.

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Where can I get a Fort Worth Root Canal?

Finding a dentist in Fort Worth, Texas who you can trust to provide exceptional care makes a world of difference when it comes to maintaining optimal oral health. At the office of Alan M. Gross, DDS, we welcome patients of all ages for care and prove with the compassionate, individualized attention they deserve. Offering a comprehensive range of the most advanced dental procedures and effective methods of care, Dr. Gross and his office team can help you enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile. Whether you simply need routine preventive care, restorative services, a cosmetic smile makeover, or even a Fort Worth root canal care to reestablish your oral health, Dr. Gross has got you covered. Keep our practice in mind when looking for a dental office that is well equipped to meet your family’s dental needs.

Fort Worth Root Canal

Did you know that more than 15 million root canals are performed, with a success rate of over 90%, each year? That is because with modern advances in care, a root canal procedure is considered the best way to preserve a natural tooth in which the inner vital tissues of the tooth have become irreversibly damaged due to tooth decay, gum disease, or traumatic injury. While these tissues, which are known as the dental pulp, are essential during tooth development, they can be safely removed when absolutely necessary to save a mature tooth. You can rest assured that Dr. Gross will perform your procedure with the hallmark gentle and precise care that his office is well known for providing.  As a matter of fact, many of Dr. Gross’ patients report that they feel little-to-no pain following their Fort Worth root canal thanks to the skill and compassion demonstrated by our doctor.

By making Dr. Gross your first choice as your dentist in the community of Fort Worth, you can enjoy a healthy smile for many years to come. For more information about our Forth Worth root canal procedure, please call our office to schedule an appointment for your consultation.

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Dentist in Fort Worth

Here at Alan M. Gross, DDS, our Fort Worth dentist prides himself in providing our patients with the highest quality dental care. We value our patients’ health as paramount. Our dental staff understands your concerns and anxieties, and enjoys educating our patients and keeping them informed and at ease about their treatments and procedures at all times. Our dental office uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and the strictest sterilization techniques.

We strive to make each dental appointment pleasant and stress-free; serving the Fort Worth community to the best of our abilities is always our number one priority. Our Fort Worth dentist offers comprehensive dental care to our patients ranging from general, preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. From a thorough initial exam, to treating cavities and preventing them with fluoride and sealant treatments, to teeth whitening and dental crowns and implants, having a beautiful smile isn’t only about the aesthetics; maintaining dental health and hygiene is essential to one’s overall well-being.

Dr. Gross received his DDS degree from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1987. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association, and the Fort Worth District Dental Society. Dr. Gross attends many continuing education courses every year to provide his patients the latest technology available in dentistry. He is certified in Invisalign orthodontics and has extensive training and experience with “Lumineers” porcelain veneers.

He has a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of dental health, and we are excited for you to meet him. Make an appointment with our Fort Worth dentist by calling, (817) 900-8325, today!


3317 Phoenix Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(817) 900-8325