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Fort Worth Invisalign Dentist

It’s never to late to align your teeth and improve the look and function of your smile. If you have been considering a comfortable and convenient method of orthodontic care, your Fort Worth Invisalign® dentist is here to help. Skilled and experienced in the latest advancements in care, Alan M. Gross, DDS offers patients the best options for improving the look and function of their smiles. As well as providing comprehensive preventive, restorative, emergency, and cosmetic care, our office has established itself as a resource for the discreet, comfortable, and convenient orthodontic alignment of your smile. Dedicated to the care and comfort of his patients, Dr. Gross keeps patients well informed and at ease throughout every step in care.

Fort Worth Invisalign Dentist

For those of us with teeth that could use a bit of coaxing in the proper direction, your Fort Worth Invisalign dentist is the one to go and see. After taking diagnostic records of your mouth, the most advanced computer imaging software is used to model, diagnose, and prescribe a course of Invisalign orthodontic treatment to correct your bite. With the mathematical exactitude that only a computer can produce, Invisalign treatment is provided a prescribed series of plastic aligners, custom made to the exact specifications of your case, which incrementally move your teeth closer and closer to their correct positions for a healthy, attractive bite. Fabricated with the highest medical grade plastics, Invisalign aligners are BPA free, and smooth to the touch. In addition to being completely invisible to the casual observer, your aligners are completely removeable from the mouth, enabling patients to eat, brush and floss just as before. By providing outstanding results for countless patients, Invisalign offers an excellent alternative to conventional braces for many patients.

By meeting with your Fort Worth Invisalign dentist, you can find out if this method of orthodontic care is right for you. To learn more about our office or the many services that we provide, contact the office of Alan Gross, DDS.

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