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Where can I find a dental office in Fort Worth?

Are you in need of a dentist who can reverse the dulled appearance of your teeth? If you live or work near Fort Worth, Texas, you are in luck! At the 76116 dental office of Alan M. Gross, DDS, we offer exceptional cosmetic procedures that will have you looking your most beautiful, sometimes in a single visit. We believe that having a smile that reflects how good you feel on the inside can dramatically enhance your positive outlook on life. Dr. Gross and his expert team view it as their mission to create the most attractive, bright smiles possible so that you can show yours off with confidence. To help us achieve that goal, we utilize the latest in take-home teeth whitening technologies available.

76116 dental office

Undergoing teeth whitening treatment can dramatically enhance the appearance of your stained and discolored teeth. Whether your smile has lost its luminous glow due to tea, coffee, sodas, red wine, highly pigmented food, tobacco, medicinal side effects, or natural aging, you can count on your 76116 dental office! We want to see you reach your highest potential when it comes to your dental health and appearance, and Dr. Gross’ whitening treatments can help you get there.

Our whitening kit offers convenience and versatility that cannot be found in other methods of stain removal; you can apply the prescription strength whitening solution just about  any time, any place. Some patients may consider using whitening kits found in their local grocery markets, however, those over-the-counter kits cannot guarantee their promised results and some contain harmful abrasives. At the 76116 dental office of Alan M. Gross, DDS, your health is our number one concern; the safest take-home kits are those offered by your professional dental care provider.

By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Gross and his team, you can begin transforming your smile. For more information about how our comprehensive list of services can benefit you, please call our 76116 dental office to make an appointment today.

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